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Glennis is able to quickly relate to your particular question, whether it be Love, Children, Work, Finance, or a question of a spiritual nature. Glennis usually finds herself receiving psychic impressions through clairvoyance
Glennis believes in revealing the truth, and is a very accurate reader and believes in getting to the bottom of an issue, leaving you focused, helping you to clear away any blockages so that you can move forwards.. When relationships with people are proving challenging, she can help you find a way forwards, suggesting new ways of thinking, using various forms of counselling
Glennis has a mature and caring attitude towards all her clients, she is a genuine and accurate psychic who quickly tunes into what most matters to you; she can quickly see the situation. The important thing is that Glennis will make you feel immediately at ease and will provide you with a professional and genuinely useful and entertaining reading
Business Clairvoyance
For many years Glennis worked in the corporate world as a company director travelling the world and used her spiritual powers successfully in business decisions, then she realised that she wanted to work full time with her gift and has never looked back. Glennis still works in the corporate world helping many companies with all areas of their decision making
Reiki Healing with Crystals
Reiki allows you to be healed through non-invasive procedures, in a calming and relaxing manner that is beneficial to both mind and body. Reiki is an energy-based method of healing that can be performed in person or "remotely" as "distant healing". Reiki healers work their way along the length of the body using their natural healing energies and the healing powers of the universe to clear negativity from the body's "chakra" points.     Reiki heals on both a physical and mental level all illnesses and ailments can greatly benefit from Reiki Healing. and is ideal for the healing of emotional problems as well as physical ailments. 
Just for today, do not anger""Just for today, do not worry""Honour your parents, teachers and elders" "Earn your, living honestly""Show gratitude, to every living thing"
Angel Therapy
Angel Therapy is  wonderfully relaxing and in most cases profoundly calming, leaving you with a  sense of peace and joy. This treatment is when the Angels  give you the most  appropriate healing, though guided meditation. - aura and chakra cleansing with Ethereal cord cutting (not in the least bit painful, I promise!); Angelic Counselling, or simply the energetic removal of 'excess baggage' that has been holding you back or holding you down. You may also be guided to meet your guardian Angel or an Archangel if this is most appropriate for you. . The Angels will continue to heal you, even if you are unaware of them! I've had people find me many months after their Angel Healing took place, to let me know how profound their healing was, how the effects have continued and how it has transformed their lives
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