Healing Hands - We Heal With Love - Please call 07799716314

Glennis can come to you for a 'Psychic Party'
(minimum of 4 people required)
Or you can come to my Healing Rooms for a treatment or reading

I can do FACETIME readings from all corners of the UK and rest of the World   - Telephone readings are available and are equally effective ; they also have the added benefit of being enjoyed in the comfort of your own home
Glennis is able to quickly relate to your particular question, whether it be Love, Children, Work, Finance, or a question of a spiritual nature. Glennis usually finds herself receiving psychic impressions through clairvoyance
Glennis believes in revealing the truth, and is a very accurate reader and believes in getting to the bottom of an issue, leaving you focused, helping you to clear away any blockages so that you can move forwards.. When relationships with people are proving challenging, she can help you find a way forwards, suggesting new ways of thinking, using various forms of counselling
Glennis has a mature and caring attitude towards all her clients, she is a genuine and accurate psychic who quickly tunes into what most matters to you; she can quickly see the situation. The important thing is that Glennis will make you feel immediately at ease and will provide you with a professional and genuinely useful and entertaining reading
If you want an appointment - Just call and we can  find the time
Please Contact Glennis on - MOBILE: 07799716314:
. Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4ER
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